(Business Director)

Olawale is a managing partner of BBM Marketing Nigeria, he has over 20 years experience in sales and marketing, business development and communications. He holds MBA and MSC in Business Management.  He has worked in various companies such as PPG SigmaKalon Nigeria Ltd (National Sales Manager), Portland Paints and Product Plc Nigeria (Regional Channel Sales Manager – Distributor & Direct Trade), Den-Folreah Limited Nigeria (Head Sales and Marketing), Nigerian Bottling Company Plc (Coca-Cola) (Business Development/Sales Manager) etc.

Olawale is able to understand and unpick the complex issues that exist in many different disciplines. He is also adept at crafting and managing robust programmes of action that deliver success for our clients. Allied to this is an ability to build and maintain positive relationships at all levels, an essential part of placing clients in the right place to achieve their goals.


(Head, Client Services & Operations)

Abolanle is a Marketing Graduate and an Associate Member of The National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (ANIMN). She has worked for over 8 years on various brands promotional projects.  She worked as a Field Supervisor with Contact Marketing Services Nigeria, as an Account Manager in HDI Youth Marketeers Nigeria and Project Coordinator in HDI Youth Marketeers Kenya & Uganda providing strategic initiatives and execution framework and directions.  

She is a seasoned direct and experiential marketing specialist, responsible for developing and maintaining relationships. Abolanle is passionate about everything she does and offers our clients an unstoppable work ethic that makes things happen. Her drive, determination and passion are all big reasons why we're glad she's on our team.